Problem of electrical interference of cable

The cables of the audio system - in particular shielded - act like antennas, almost attracting high-frequency electrical interfering fields from the environment caused by WLAN, mobile phones, DECT phones, etc. and conducting them directly into the signal path of the devices.

Above all, cables without a bi-directional blocking function distribute interfering fields originating from the power grid and the devices themselves to all connected devices.

The antenna and distribution function of the cables massively and directly affects the quality of the devices thus being the sound killer of an audio system.

Today no longer the components of a cable but the effectiveness of its high-frequency protection concept determines the sound quality!

Interesting: a higher-quality conductor material transmits interfering fields even more effectively.

Previous solution approaches and their limitations:

Although shielding meshwork and foils keep low-frequency interfering fields away from the conductor, they increase the antenna effect of cables for high-frequency interfering fields.

Discharging to protective grounding opens the door for interfering fields already present on protective earth.

Series as well as parallel filters, capacitors and diodes, which are commonly used in or on cables, are designed to minimize interfering fields, but tend to slow down electrons and delay transmission, reducing bandwidth and speed of signal transmission throughout the audio system.

The compromises of these solution approaches may be the lesser evil with regard to their benefits; the comparison to the SCHNERZINGER solution clearly shows the limits.



Each SCHNERZINGER cable forms a bidirectional barrier when used in conjunction with a CABLE PROTECTOR, without reducing signal bandwidth or electron flow at all:

  • external interfering fields radiating from the power grid or the cables are blocked
  • internal electrical interfering fields caused by the Hi-Fi devices themselves are not transferred to other Hi-Fi devices but dissipated outwards

SCHNERZINGER CABLE PROTECTION protects and preserves signal speed and bandwidth of the entire audio system.

Each SCHNERZINGER cable can be used on its own. But using SCHNERZINGER products throughout will result in a closed system in which the bidirectional effect remains uninterrupted.

By use of ATOMIC BONDING conductor material and CABLE PROTECTION, SCHNERZINGER cables of the latest TS generation achieve a unique transmission quality, thereby redefining audiophile parameters such as resolution, soundstage, dynamics and musicality.