With INDIVIDUAL LINE, SCHNERZINGER® follows the CUSTOM LINE concept on a new quality level. The INDIVIUAL LINE connections will be manufactured customized to the specific parameters of the particular hi-fi system combination. Each piece is unique; individually and perfectly tuned and sensibilized for the particular requirement and the owners specific listening preference.


Important Information:

Because SCHNERZINGER INDIVIDUAL LINE and former CUSTOM LINE connections will be adapted to the specific requirements of the customers system and personal preference, a renewed adaption will be necessary in case of a system component change or a sale, as it will lead to inadequate performance otherwise. SCHNERZINGER® provides a fairly priced adaption service to the original or second hand owner in such cases.


The SCHNERZINGER INDIVIDUAL LINE requires detailed advice and analysis. The prices are determined individually according to the expenditure and quality class of the components used. Please use our contact form.

Please use our Contact form.