The body guards for your HiFi components

Wireless controlled GIGA GUARDs use GIGA-PULSE technology to clear up internal interfering fields, originating in the devices. From the master unit they receive a dejamming signal, actively penetrating the entire device.

In order to protect the sensitive signal inside the devices against impairment, developers of high grade devices try hard to keep interfering fields low inside of the devices by use of very low stray field components or by shielding enclosures. Problematic power filter or conditioner may help keep external field loads away from the device, but the inner interfering fields, caused by the equipment itself and close to the audio signal, cannot be cleared up this way.

In contrast the GIGA GUARDs actively operate right in the equipment, in the immediate vicinity of the signal-transmitting components. This makes them an unrivaled solution on the market.

The product line comprises several specific GIGA GUARD modules for the respective application: RCA, XLR, BNC, USB.