SCHNERZINGER GIGA-PULSE application is a trendsetting technology, processing electrical current in high speed right up to triple-digit gigahertz territory. Thereby a dejamming signal will be generated to effectively protect the environment from losing sound quality by means of scientifically physics.

GIGA-PULSE technology takes effect on various levels and makes it possible to renounce problematic shielding techniques and components such as capacitors, diodes and filters for eliminating interfering fields. Even the fastest of these devices tend to slow down electrons and delay transmission, significantly reducing effectiveness.

The operating principle of the GIGA-PULSE technology:

SCHNERZINGER GIGA-PULSE technology consists of a receiving unit, a control unit and a transmitting unit.

  • The receiving unit picks up the electrical interference frequencies in the surrounding area
  • The control unit generates an elimiating signal
  • The transmitting unit uses this signal to generate a protection shield.

The operating principle and efficiency of GIGA-PULSE technology are unique, and its effects on sound quality are astonishing.

An important health aspect: GIGA-PULSE technology does not increase radio pollution within the room.