SCHNERZINGER GIGAHERTZ CANCELING is a pioneering technology that effectively frees the audio system from sound-impairing electrical interfering fields up to the gigahertz range.

The performance spectrum up to the gigahertz range and the efficiency of SCHNERZINGER GIGAHERTZ CANCELING are unique. To this no problematic components such as capacitors, diodes, filters or energetic electrosmog products are needed, as even the fastest of these devices or applications tend to slow down electrons and delay transmission, significantly reducing bandwidth and speed of the audio signal.

This makes SCHNERZINGER GIGAHERTZ CANCELING interfering fields elimination an unrivaled solution in the market.

The operating principle of GIGAHERTZ CANCELING:

SCHNERZINGER PROTECTORS have a receiving unit and a control unit:

  • the receiving unit picks up interference frequencies up to the gigahertz range from the surrounding area
  • The control unit processes the received interference frequencies at high speed and submits them with a delay to the surrounding area.


The precisely defined offset between received and re-emitted interference frequencies causes cancelation effects that minimize interfering fields sound impairment, without reducing speed and bandwidth of the audio signal at all. In addition, the functionality of radio-controlled devices is retained.

Bandwidth and clock rate of GIGA CANCELING technology are adjustable. This makes it possible to adapt the PROTECTORS to any interference field spectrum. The change in bandwidth extends or decreases the detection range, changing the clock rate the processing speed.

The rule is: the narrower the bandwidth, the higher the efficiency - the smaller the detection range. The lower the clock rate, the higher the extinction rate - the less interference frequencies are detected.

An important health aspect:

GIGAHERTZ-CANCELING technology does not increase electromagnetic pollution in the room, as it just uses the existing interfering fields to reduce them by GIGAHERTZ-CANCELING. This does not create any electrosmog.