The protector for your home power grid

The GRID PROTECTOR penetrates and clears up the entire domestic power grid from low and high frequency interfering fields, without slowing down current flow at all. Via GIGA CANCELLING technology the GRID PROTECTOR achieves a unique power quality, thereby redefining audiophile parameters such as resolution, dynamics and musicality.
Durch die GIGA CANCELLING Technologie erzielt der GRID PROTECTOR eine Stromqualität, die audiophile Parameter wie Auflösung, Dynamik und Musikalität völlig neu definiert.

Unlike conventional line filters or grid generators the GRID PROTECTOR operates without condensers, diodes, serial or parallel filters and energized crystals, since even the fastest of these applications tend to slow down electrons and delay transmission, especially in the high power current range. The use of common power-cleansing measures is always fraught with compromises that block the way to a higher level. The uncompromising effectiveness makes the GRID PROTECTOR an unrivaled power-cleaning solution on the market.