The little miracle performers against grounding disorders

The GROUND GUARD provides a reliable remedy for the complex issues of equipotential bonding and grounding disorders. Due to the different power consumptions of the hi-fi components, interference currents occur and get directly into the signal path via the power and signal connections. Also high frequencies radiating from the environment by e.g. WLAN as well as electrical interfering fields caused by the power supplies or transformers in the hi-fi components themselves have a disruptive effect on the sound. Important parameters such as tonality, dynamics and spatial reproduction are significantly impaired.

The GROUND GUARD is a compact system and not only convinces with its easy handling. Its effect amazes the plagued listener, because it detects even the smallest grounding or potential equalization currents, arranges and protects the entire current flow and thus creates the basis for secure transmission of the music signal. Especially the BIDIRECTIONAL BARRIER of the supply lines, which prevents the transmission of interfering fields between the individual hi-fi components, contributes to this.