The Unique against grounding disorders

The GROUND PROTECTOR is a real all-rounder and differentiates itself from other devices on the market with its 3-channel design, as it not only addresses the effects of ground problems, but at the same time clears up the signal path of the attached devices and also electrical interfering fields in the power distribution. Moreover its unique bidirectional operating device connections (GROUND INTERFACES) prevent transmission of interfering fields between the Hi-Fi devices.

Channel 1 clears up grounding resp. potential equalization currents of the attached devices.

Channel 2 directly clears up the digital or analog signal path of the attached devices.

Channel 3 clears up interfering fields within the Hi-Fi system power distribution.

Thanks to the application of GIGA CANCELLING technology the operating principle and efficiency of the GROUND PROTECTOR are unrivaled again; the use of a single unit raises the potential of the entire music system to a new level!