The best friend of the GRID PROTECTOR

The MULTI GUARDs together with the GRID PROTECTOR form a complete system for clearing up the power grid. Due to their flexible application options at several critical points in the house, e.g. at the different domestic current phases, at the protective conductors or at the high-frequency interfering fields radiating into the room, they have a targeted and local effect without slowing down current flow at all.

The three modules of the MULTI GUARDs support the GRID PROTECTOR in the following functions:

    Clears up the phase of the domestic power grid without slowing down current flow
    Clears up all protective conductors
  • ROOM
    Several MULTI GUARDs are coupled to form an effective and comprehensive ROOM SHIELD in the respective room

Each MULTI GUARD clears up PHASE as well as EARTH and ROOM, but has the focus on its main task.

The set has the advantage of a modular structure – all three modules can be added at any time.