The power plant for your power distribution

The NEW INNOVATOR is a complex, bidirectional operating power distribution system for up to 8 resp. 12 devices, representing the summit of the innovative SCHNERZINGER power distribution technology.

At first sight the NEW INNOVATOR may appear to be an oversized power bar; it actually is a small power plant to process even highest impulse currents at full speed, thanks to the ATOMIC BONDING formatting processes.

The fixed bidirectional operating power feed provides the first barrier for penetrating outer interferences. Thanks to its bidirectional functioning, the NEW INNOVATOR enables draining outwards of the electrical interfering fields caused by the connected devices itself.

The absolutely recommended use of SCHNERZINGER POWER CORDS with CABLE PROTECTOR and the POWER PROTECTOR forms a closed system, with an uninterrupted bidirectional mode of action.

Combined with the use of a GROUND PROTECTOR processing of highest impulse currents is additionally absolutely free of interfering fields thanks to GIGA-PULSE technology.