The plug-and-play solution for the audio room

With the ROOM GUARDs, the user opts for an uncomplicated variant of the all-round protection of his audio system. The simple plug-and-play of the modules in sockets or power distributors creates a comprehensive ROOM SHIELD that effectively protects against high-frequency radiation.

Interfering fields from the immediate vicinity, e.g. by WLAN frequencies, radiant power lines in the walls, the use of smartphones and tablets, the use of electrical consumers such as computers or routers, as well as the interfering fields that arise when operating the audio system devices, have no chance of impairing the sound of the listening experience.

It is crucial that the ROOM GUARDs pay particular attention to the sound-impairing interfering field peaks and thus enable the unhindered flow of music.

All in all, a modular system that can be quickly integrated with a good price-performance ratio.