Problem of electrical interference in HiFi room

From the outside by the mobile phone network and electrical appliances from your own home or neighbor (routers, DECT phones, WLAN, mobile, network, bus systems, streamer, etc) high-frequency interferences radiate directly through the device housings or cables in the signal path of the audio system.

Previous solution approaches and their limitations:

High-frequency filters in the signal path of the devices limit the bandwidth and thus the natural overtone spectrum of the audio system. Shieldings and discharging to protective grounding is effective only in the lower high-frequency range and ineffective in the crucial gigahertz range. High-frequency shielding of the entire room even amplifies the high-frequency load by the in-room radio-controlled devices.

So-called atmospheric information applications of energized crystals, glass bodies, chips (energy cells) or frequency resonators etc. just have a dampening effect on high frequencies, whereby high-frequency interference is merely perceived as less disturbing. Their effectiveness is limited and not only positive in the long term. (details see: FAQ)

The comparison with the SCHNERZINGER GIGA CANCELLING technology immediately and clearly shows the limits of these only error-compensating applications.