This is absolutely madness, magic, no idea what it is.

The Schnerzinger System entered my trial period at the right time, after I had intensively tested cables during the last two weeks and considered my favorites to be truly excellent. My favored English manufacturer produces outstanding products indeed – visually there are quite more spectacular cables, but sonically not many cables perform at this level. I had fallen in love with the top cable of this manufacturer, thinking after numerous comparisons “this is it”!!!! And really on the conventional cable market, this is it, outstanding indeed. After we had connected interconnect, speaker cable and Innovator to a very good, very harmonious, but by no means top system, it frankly spoken took my breath away. I had no idea what was happening. This certainly had nothing to do with common cable comparisons any more.

The chain performed like an entirely different system, not in the sense of a different timbre, the character remained virtually the same.

The change in dynamics, depth of sound stage, spatial representation, resolution, openness, naturalness was well beyond my wildest dreams. This yet unheard openness and the effortless listening of finest details even in the most remote corners of the stage are breathtaking! Naturalness, power, dynamics and music flow are absolutely unique.

Actually I still can‘t understand that these dramatic changes were caused by connection cables. When we finally connected the Cleaner, it blew me away. This is absolutely madness, magic, no idea what it is. But it’s damn good!!! Congratulations to the developer!

If my best friend had told me this, I’d asked him whether he had a drink too much:-). To everyone with the necessary amount of money I just can recommend to deal with Schnerzinger. After this experience there is no way back for sure, I’m convinced, no matter what cabling you have in your system.

It’s not a question of better or worse. It’s not a question whether it fits in your chain or not. When you have heard it, you want to have it. In my view Schnerzinger is not about better cables, it’s a revolutionary concept with unbelievable results.

Many thanks for this unbelievable experience!
(Translated from the German original) 

— Romeo B. —