Just great! Im thrilled with the new Protectors.

Since years I already call my system a „Schnerzinger system“. For Schnerzinger had raised my listening experience to a wonderful level.

For the first time Schnerzinger successfully enables to reconcile qualities, which were rated as incompatible otherwise: power AND airiness, richness of detail AND musicality. Before I’ve analyzed the sonic effect of a new device, cable or accessory by dissecting the sound to its components and celebrated minor improvements; but I quickly felt the desire for the next upgrade step again.

Since then I have arrived: I feel peace and contentment and enjoy my music. I allow myself further improvements as my budget permits. Now I gain my initial experiences with the new Protector technology. All at once I can’t afford, but first steps. With my new Protectors the interpretation significantly improves its expression – powerful, authentic, lively and intense.The recordings perform as if experts had cleaned and remixed the original master tapes at the highest level utilizing latest technology, so that everything sounds much fresher and more authentic, partially even with yet unheard details. Much more energy fills the room – the magnificent impact of even my first Protectors is fascinating!

Apparently interfering fields are a fundamental problem. Accordingly comprehensive interference field’s elimination is arguably the decisive key to open a yet closed door on the way from the recording to a fully emotional listening experience. Schnerzinger has understood this problem and addresses it comprehensively – offering specific solutions for the room, the components, the in-house cabling and the grid. I could personally convince myself at Schnerzinger in Dortmund.

Now I could take the first step in my own system. Just great! I’m thrilled with the new Protectors.
(Translated from the German original)

— Uli S. —