Press reviews

  • „Schnerzinger wiring and Giga Protection, came closest to putting the performers in the room at the show.“ – best sound of show

    Robert Harley
    the absolute sound
  • „The sound: literally transformed my expectation of the role played by the cable or connecting delivery system. I have come across no cable or any connecting delivery system: its a whole new level of transparency, sound-staging, detailing, texture, layering, dynamic, low bass and tempo.“

    Dato' Danon Han
    Mono & Stereo
  • „The Wilson Audio recording of Abel and Steinberg playing the DEbussy violin sonata sounded more beautifully lifelike/natural here than almost anywhere else at the show“ – best sound of show

    Julie Mullins
    the absolute sound
  • „AVShowrooms Award“ for best sound at the Munich High End

    Peter Breuninger
    AV Showroom
  • „Schnerzinger’s Giga Protector consists of a transmitter and receiver and is an adjustable 9-channel high-frequency suppression system which protects the audio signal from interfering fields. The results are amazing and hopefully we’ll find out more about these products“ – best sound of show

    Jim Hannon
    the absolute sound
  • best of show – Munich High End

    Jonathan Valin
    the absolute sound
  • „…wird man auf der eigenen Anlage Musik in einer sehr viel besseren Qualität hören“

    Marco Kolks
  • „…with Schnerzinger Atomic Bonding cables and Giga Pulse Protectors (a highly effective adjustable high and low frequency suppression system which protects the audio signal from interfering fields) the system produced the most captivating, palpable, and uncolored sound of the show!“ – best sound of the show!

    Jim Hannon
    the absolute sound
  • “Lastly, I used Schnerzinger’s highly effective Giga Protectors throughout the review period, as well as its amazing cables, albeit briefly“


    Jim Hannon
    the absolute sound

Customer reviews

Previously I was unsure whether you write these reviews by yourself and now...

Dear Schnerzinger Team, in the meantime I listened for some evenings. What has changed? From my point of view especially resolution and focus have increased clearly. This is not...

For me your SCHNERZINGER cables are the absolute stroke of luck!

Update of my music system, December 2016: Dear Schnerzinger Team, to fulfill my desire for something special and my new and growing needs regarding the reproduction quality of my hi-fi system...

Just great! Im thrilled with the new Protectors.

Since years I already call my system a „Schnerzinger system“. For Schnerzinger had raised my listening experience to a wonderful level. For the first time Schnerzinger successfully enables to reconcile qualities, which...

Schnerzinger is the best you can get in the area of cables...

The method to introduce Schnerzinger thru the internet has worked with me. For some time I was thinking what speaker cables I could acquire to...


Dear Michael and Kam, Thank you very much for your demonstration at my place on last Saturday. I have very nice listening experience which brings my system to another level...

Exceptional experience

Dear SCHNERZINGER team, the German KONDO distributor was so kind to fairly accept my aged music system as payment for a KONDO integrated amplifier KEGON together with a complete...

I had to get these cables...

I already had heard about Schnerzinger cables, but I had thought: Just another cable company on this huge market of cable manufacturers; who is supposed to keep an overview? Furthermore I believed to...

Like live music, naturally and absolutely authentic...

Dear music lovers, every beginning is hard, so where to start… Probably here; now since 30 years I pursue my high-end hobby and during that time I surely followed many stages and developments...

Well done Schnerzinger!

Hi Schnerzinger team, I am writing to express my appreciation for Michael’s demonstration of the Schnerzinger cable and antiinterference system in Hong Kong. Overall, it was an enlightening and splendid...
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