Dear Michael and Kam,

Thank you very much for your demonstration at my place on last Saturday. I have very nice listening experience which brings my system to another level – heaven. Sound is stunning and unbelievable! It is very difficult to explain to people if they not listen by themselves. This is the best I’m ever heard in any system from my past experience. I’m using a few top brands like Nordost, Shunyata, not any of them can perform sound to this level. Sorry, I have to say no even close!
We started with add in Schnerzinger INNOVATOR, power cords, interconnect and speaker cable. The magic just get started, I’m getting cleaner sound, more details, more natural and sound is not coming out from speakers – the speakers just disappeared like I’m listening in the live concert hall.
By add in Schnerzinger CLEANER PRO which cleans up the speakers and CD player, another huge improvement. I really don’t know how to describe it. If you ask me rate how much is the improvement. I would rate at least 50% from first stage with more energy, much cleaner (more resolution).
Sound was so huge – up to roof top instead I’m listening inside the room. I also listened at different positions in my room. Even I stand near the door, that doesn’t affect the good sound quality.
Put in Schnerzinger GIGA-PROTECTOR. I’m shocked with the improvement, much far superior sound from the second stage. It’s like when driving Bugatti, you start at 300hps, 600hps and now it goes up to 900hps. To me, maybe this is the final stage – listen to music. No way turning back if you dare to give it a try. I believe in Schnerzinger – a total solution system and for me it’s hard to believe that others cable company can perform sound to this level. It really transform my system to highest level, it open up all bandwidth. High, mid and low – all balance. You will not feel lack any of them.
My advice to all audiophiles, don’t change your equipment before you listen to Schnerzinger.

Good job to Schnerzinger team!

— T. from Malaysia —