... previously it was inconceivable.

Dear Schnerzinger-Team,

during the last years I’ve dealt with many accessories (room elements, equipment bases, electrosmog chips, energy pyramids, singing bowls etc.). In addition I’ve tried a lot of absolute top cables with my Kondo amps, but no cable played as homogenous and natural as the Kondo cables. Actually I was satisfied and although I could not resist trying yet another improvement again and again, I imagined being in audiophile Olympus already.

As I told you during our date, the first contact with one of your cables that I had borrowed from an enthusiastic friend was interesting, but not as impressive as I had expected. Thank god I trusted your words and arranged a meeting with you in my home.

On site you made me aware, that my experiments with various accessories haven’t solved the defects of the environment, but just compensated to a greater or lesser extent. After the switch to your cables I clearly noticed that previously my sound was rather dull furnished with an artificial gloss in the high frequency range. Suddenly with your cables there is a purity and refinement, which I’ve never heard in this naturalness. Since I’ve changed to your Innovator, my previously highly regarded power line filters P10+P1 are history. Even the singing bowls, which previously have provided more gloss in the high frequency area and better positioning, I do not need any more. On the contrary, now they have a rather disturbing effect, as their gloss in the high frequency area is exposed to be artificial; and the phenomenally arranged spatial definition of your cables will rather be obscured. The tuning chips and the pyramids, previously clearly conveying more musicality and aura, now work as a brake, restricting the potential of your cables bluntly.

You should consider your new wall socket as a must, as I previously could not imagine how much even my former highly regarded and from German hi-fi papers as test winner selected reference wall socket limits the potential of your products.

Looking back now I can even understand your initial warning, that even single foreign components in the chain – however good they may have been so far - may significantly limit the potential of your products or even may turn negative.

In particular I’d like to mention the Protector System that you presented during your last visit. A naturalness and live atmosphere, combined with an incredible dynamic growth – you would think that the chassis jump out of the speakers. Unfortunately your equipment is not cheap, so it will last some time until these devices will be in my home also.

Now after I’ve lived with your products for some months, I like to finally thank you again, as previously it was inconceivable what you’ve teased out of my system.

Cordially yours, Stefan G.
(Translated from the German original)

— Stefan G. —