The secret to SCHNERZINGER cable technology lies in what is termed ATOMIC BONDING. These time consuming formatting processes, lasting for several months, impart outstanding conductor material quality that sets itself apart - even from the very best cryogenically treated mono-crystalline OCC conductor material - in all sound-related aspects, in a manner that can best be described as startling.

The result is the virtually loss-free transmission of information along with a significant increase in information density, thereby redefining audiophile parameters such as resolution, soundstage, dynamics and musicality.


To easily get the idea of the innovative development approach ATOMIC BONDING, simply envision a conducting wire as a pipe filled with ice cubes, whereby the ice cubes symbolically illustrate the inner grain structure of the wire.

The commonly accepted market practice (special castings, cryogenically processes, etc.) symbolically is to combine multiple single ice cubes to longer ice cube chains, to preferably create a monocrystalline structure with less sound damaging gaps. Though under motion, usually even directly after the manufacturing process, long structures quickly break open though and fall apart, significantly reducing the theoretical benefit.

SCHNERZINGER ATOMIC BONDING follows a diverse approach: A technologically extremely complex process is not determined to aggregate single ice cubes to a compact long chained structure, but – just the opposite - to crush the existing ice cubes. This produces micro component ice structures, which – in a second step - can be compacted in the pipe to a stable homogenous ice block with very high cohesion forces.

A compacted, merged ice block has a closured, extremely stable structure - without gaps. This constitutes the basis for a pure and perfect pulse sequence, for a true and accurate signal transmission.


The SCHNERZINGER GIGA-PULSE application is a pioneering technology that processes electrical currents up to the three-digit gigahertz range at high speed. A suppression signal is generated, which effectively protects the environment from sound impairments caused by electrical interference using scientific electrical engineering and without energized or informed crystals.

GIGA-PULSE technology takes effect on various levels and makes it possible to renounce problematic shielding techniques and components such as capacitors, diodes and filters for eliminating interfering fields. Even the fastest of these devices tend to slow down electrons and delay transmission, significantly reducing effectiveness.

The operating principle of the GIGA-PULSE technology:

SCHNERZINGER GIGA-PULSE technology consists of a receiving unit, a control unit and a transmitting unit.

  • The receiving unit picks up the electrical interference frequencies in the surrounding area
  • The control unit generates an elimiating signal
  • The transmitting unit uses this signal to generate a protection shield.

The operating principle and efficiency of GIGA-PULSE technology are unique, and its effects on sound quality are astonishing.

An important health aspect: GIGA-PULSE technology does not increase radio pollution within the room.


All SCHNERZINGER cables and each SCHNERZINGER POWER PRODUCT combined with the use of the CABLE PROTECTOR or POWER PROTECTOR form a bidirectional barrier:

  • external interfering fields radiating from the power grid or the cables are blocked
  • Inner electrical interfering fields, caused by the Hi-Fi devices itself, will not be transferred to other Hi-Fi devices, but dissipated outwards.

Each SCHNERZINGER product operates self-sufficient. But consistent application of SCHNERZINGER products forms a closed system, with an uninterrupted bidirectional mode of action.