My Memorable HiFi Journey with SCHNERZINGER

I would 1st like to thanks Mr. Kam for the invitation to the Singapore ISSE 2014. At the exhibition room, I was introduced to Michael from Germany promoting SCHNERZINGER products for the 1st time in Spore. After a short introduction, I briefly understood the function of these products and sat there listening attentively. I was interested in the Giga Protector and Cleaner Extreme with Modules attached to various components, footers & wall socket outlet.

I had 2 sessions of home trials a month later. After that, I was truly convinced and decided to confirm my purchases. These are made to order, have patiently waited almost for it to arrive in May 2015. The Giga protectors and cleaner with modules that arrived was the latest improved version.

When the wall socket outlet was installed, cable from the Synergistic PowerCell distributor was connected and the HiFi system turned on to play. Surprisingly, it open one level up immediately, a simple outlet socket yet have an immediate effect to the system! Next was installing and power up the Cleaner Extreme unit for connecting to various component modules. A set of 3pcs footers was also installed under the Loit Passeri CD player.

Following are the sequence of installing the modules to various components.

1st „Digital“ module setup was connected between the Cleaner Extreme to the Loit Passeri CD Player. Tuning 4 individual switches by hearing the system for the most natural sounding selection using the CD player playing the same sound track.

2nd „Analogue“ module setup was connected between Cleaner Extreme to Line Magnetic 129A Preamp. Tuning process was done as mentioned earlier for most natural sounding selection.

3rd, a pair of module was setup between the Cleaner Extreme and HRS 120 German Physiks speakers. These modules are also indirectly connected to the Bob Carver Black Beauty Mono Amps. Again, the same process was done repeatedly.

4th, the power up Cleaner Extreme with 3 switches was tuned accordingly.
Lastly, a pair of Giga Protector was installed diagonally across each end of the listening room area and tuned repeatedly using 11 switches for the most natural sounding selection n analogue effect.

Upon completion of the whole setup, my system sounded far better than before. Vocals are more real and lively, the Instrumental are more define and sparkle. Above all, u hear it in a 3 dimensional way which was never heard before. The low frequency bass are much lower, more controlled and accurate.
Overall, the „noise“ level in my system was cleaned and eliminated by the Cleaner n modules. Music are more musical, soundstage is deeper and wider. With the Giga Protector, my system is more analogue, less fatigue to listen for longer hours than before.

The SCHNERZINGER products have indeed improved my system far more than changing the components. Its no turning back for me!


— H L O. —