You get so much emotion that you hardly can handle it.

I was wondering how to write a review about Schnerzinger products. Because they are practicaly invisible in the audio system. They do not add or take anything from the music. With Schnerzinger you can truly discover your system and your music collection. And you will be surprised how much you don’t know the ability of your audio components. I have never ever tought that my system is that good. I do not own the word best or most expensive components, but I can say that this is one of the best sound I ever heard in my life. I am proud to my system! I went to many showrooms and listened to music on 3-4 times more expensive systems but they cannot be compared to the sound I have at my place. Dealers who visited me at home said that they never heard their own product sounding so good. Anyone who think that is exaggeration or just a hipe around Scnerzinger get wrong. They are really exeptional products, cannot be compared to any other brands.

And the emotional side, because this is what really matters:

Music means a lot to my girlfriend and me. We spend every day a couple of hours with listening to the music. She said yesterday that this is a kind of magic what we get every day and we should be greatfull for that. It is food for soul, a kind of meditation, a journey, intimacy. I have never cried so often in my live since I have the Schnerzinger system. You get so much emotion that you hardly can handle it.

I have a fortune to own the whole X-5100 cable series with, the Power Innovator, the Cleaner, the Cable Cleaners and right now, I am waiting for the Giga Protector and the Feets just to complete the system.

— Laszlo T. —